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Marieb/​Hoehn, Human Anatomy & Physiology
(Pearson Education)

Developmental Editing: Science & Health

"You are a true champ--thank you so much for being willing to take on
this extra work. What a relief to know that you're on board this project."
--Susan Malloy, Pearson Education

Addison Wesley Longman
Umans, General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

Houghton Mifflin
Social Science Bookshelf Teacher's Guide

McGraw Hill
Brooker et al., Biology
Enger, Concepts in Biology

Gottfried, Biology Today
Hickman/​Roberts, Biology of Animals
Rose/​Kaye, Internal Medicine for Dentistry
Stuart/​Sundeen, Principles of Psychiatric Nursing

Pearson Education
Campbell/​Reece, Biology (2 editions)
Campbell/​Reece et al., Biology: Concepts & Connections
Donatelle, Access to Health (4 editions)
Donatelle, Health: The Basics (4 editions)
Finer, Microbiology
Freeman, Biological Science
Johnson, Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues (5 editions)
Krohne, Introduction to General Biology
Marieb, Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
Marieb/​Hoehn, Human Anatomy and Physiology
Marieb/​Mallatt, Human Anatomy

Prentice Hall
Martini, Anatomy and Physiology


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