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Developmental Editing: Business & Marketing

"I am very pleased with the work Alice did in developing the next chapter I have to revise. In fact, her efforts were so effective that I am almost done with the revision. I am looking forward to her input on the remainder of the text." --Dr. Lane Daley, author, Intermediate Accounting

Harcourt Brace
Boone/Kurtz, Contemporary Business (2 editions)
Boone/Kurtz, Contemporary Marketing (3 editions)
Laudon, Business Information Systems
Zikmund, Business Research Methods
Spiro, Business Law

Daley/Vigeland, Intermediate Accounting
McDonald/May, Financial Accounting

Harvard Business School Press
Kaplan/Cooper, Cost and Effect
Maital, The Manager’s Guide to Global Markets
Bryan et al., Building a Great Global Firm

Houghton Mifflin
Instructor's Resource Manual for Templeton, Integrated Language Arts

Nickels/McHugh, Understanding Business
Berkowitz/Kerin/Rudelius, Marketing
Belch/Belch, Introduction to Promotions Management

Farah/Karls, World History: The Human Experience

Prentice Hall
Boone/Kurtz, Contemporary Business Communication