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Testimonials from my Clients

"Alice Fugate personifies a true, professional free-lancer. She is always thorough and prompt, and never once missed a deadline for any of the five books she worked on for us."--Dr. David L. Kurtz, author, Contemporary Marketing

“Alice has consistently performed above expectations. She has never missed a deadline, and her work is consistently better than other professional writers’ work. I also found her to become an instant expert in any subject area we threw at her. She is quite extraordinary.”--Daryl Fox, Pearson Higher Education

"Alice's skill as a developmental editor and writer has helped us produce print and media products that are unqualified successes in the marketplace. Frankly, when faced with any project with special problems, we think first of Alice as the writer and editor most likely to help us get it back on track."--Kay Ueno, Benjamin Cummings

"You have done a WONDERFUL job on these books. It really has been great to have you on the project."--Dr. Rebecca Donatelle, author, Access to Health and Health: The Basics

"I know that if I pass a project on to Alice she'll give the book what it needs to become a success. Rebecca Donatelle, who has written textbooks for several decades, says Alice is the best developmental editor she's ever worked with."--Deirdre Espinoza, Pearson Education

"The review questions you wrote are wonderful. They should enhance the quality of the book considerably."--Kathleen Scogna, Mosby/Yearbook

"Alice, the book looks beautiful! The art you developed and the editorial advice you included were invaluable in creating what we believe will be a very competitive and successful text."--Mary Beth Humenik, Harcourt Brace

"I highly recommend Alice Fugate as both a developmental editor and a writer. As a project manager, I have been pleased by Alice’s hard work and strong communication skills. She consistently demonstrates outstanding perceptivity and insight."-- Lauren Fogel, Pearson Higher Education

"Alice is one of the very best writer/editors I have ever met. Her background working with major publishing houses and a variety of authors from different disciplines puts her in an excellent position to meld conflicting views and end up with an outstanding completed project. Her analytical skills are superb."--Dr. George Spiro, author, Business Law

"Under enormous deadline pressure, Alice performed complex medical research and collaborated with medical professionals to produce a magnificent reference work. She efficiently responded to editorial commentary, made lightning-fast turnaround of material, and provided a manuscript that immensely pleased both the medical experts and the publisher."--Gary M. Krebs, Macmillan Publishing USA

"Alice combines intelligence and highly developed writing skills with a unique ability to adjust for schedule, level, depth, and style without sacrificing quality and schedule."--Craig A. Cuddeback, Director, Beverly Cracom Publishers

"Working under tight deadlines, Alice wrote a variety of questions and incorporated real-world scenarios and statistical data sets into her questions to give the Test Bank a realistic tone that helped students apply the concepts they learned. We appreciate her initiative and willingness to learn new skills. Despite the project's pressures, tight schedule, and unexpected schedule changes, Alice remained calm and met all her obligations in a very professional manner."--Cynthia Mazow, Wadsworth/Duxbury Press