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Writing: Business and Technology

"I always look forward to receiving Alice's columns, as they are invariably well-written and interesting. I know I can depend on Alice to turn in copy that's on time, relevant to our readers, and factually correct."--Maurice Martin, Editor, Intercom Magazine

"Managing Change: How To Sell Users on Innovation" (Quality Data Processing Magazine)  The National Quality Assurance Institute voted this article "Significant Contribution of the Year."

"Minding Your Business" (column in Intercom MagazineFor 9 years, my column explored practical issues important to business owners.

Total Quality Management Training (Harcourt Brace)  Case study of how one company successfully applied quality management techniques.

Multicultural Diversity Training with Anne London & Richard Daft (Harcourt Brace) Practical strategies for corporate training.

Test Book: Exploring Marketing Research (Harcourt Brace -- 2 editions)  Test bank containing a broad range of exercises. Accompanies textbook by Dr. William Zikmund.

Test Book: Essentials of Exploring Marketing Research (Harcourt Brace)  Marketing research exercises reinforce fundamental concepts.

Test Book: Operations Management (Harcourt Brace)  Tests students on textbook by Dr. Byron Finch & Dr. Richard Luebbe.

Test Bank: Introduction to Business Statistics (Wadsworth/Duxbury Press)  Applies statistics to business issues. Accompanies textbook by Dr. Ronald M. Weiers.

Test Bank: Exploring Statistics (Wadsworth/Duxbury Press)  Minitab graphs, exercises, and problems; for textbook by Dr. Larry Kitchens.

"Do Robots Do It Better?" (Information Strategy: The Executive's Journal)  How robotics can make companies more competitive.

Product knowledge training (Sprint Corporation)  Developed tests to evaluate sales staff's knowledge of telecommunications products.