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Online Publications

"Reviewers cite Alice's work as ‘timely, challenging and well researched.’ She has never missed a deadline, even on projects with a rapid schedule. It is rewarding to work with an author who exceeds contract expectations and beats delivery dates." --Van E. Strength, Harcourt Brace

Mastering Biology (Pearson Education) Online tutorials test students' understanding of key concepts in biology and science.

The Online Guide to Consulting, Chapter 20: Deciding Whether to Incorporate (Society for Technical Communication)  When should a company incorporate? This chapter walks business owners through the decision process.

A Closer Look (Pearson Education)  20 online articles discuss new developments in biology, anatomy, genetics, and physiology.

WebQuest Activities (Pearson Education) Interactive exercises explore scientific resources on the Web.

"A Closer Look" essays for Marieb, Human Anatomy & Physiology (Pearson Education) Cutting-edge topics in health, biotechnology, and medical research.

Concept Review Activities (Pearson Education)  Animations and interactive pedagogy test students' mastery of key concepts.

Russell, iGenetics CD-ROM (Pearson Education) Interactive animations reinforce principles of genetics.